AIFTP JOURNAL - March 2010

From the Editor-in-Chief

Dr. K. Shivaram

President’s Message

M. L. Patodi

 March of the Professional


Inaugural speech by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Dalveer Bhandari


Presidential speech by Hon’ble Mr. Justice K. S. Rathore


 Finance Bill 2010

Direct Taxes

Amendments relating to Charitable Trusts

Gautam Nayak

Taxation of Non-Residents – Income deemed to accrue or arise in India (Clause 4)

Tarunkumar G. Singhal & Anil D. Doshi

Limited Liability Partnership

Rahul Hakani

Newly established units, housing projects

Sameer Dalal

Investment linked deduction for specified business

Paras Savla

Amendments in Sections 35, 80GGA and 139

Mandar Vaidya

Transactions without consideration or inadequate consideration
– Income from other Sources – Gifts

Harish Motiwalla

Deduction of Tax at Source

Nirjay Singh

Settlement Commission & Search Cases

S. R. Wadhwa

Appeals (Clauses 48, 49, 55, 56)

Ajay R. Singh

Other Important Provisions

Rangesh Banka

Suggestions for Amendments in the Finance Bill

P. N. Shah

Whether Renting of Property is Service and thus liable to Service Tax

Mukul Gupta

Indirect Taxes


Service Tax – Amendments

Rajkamal Shah & Naresh Sheth

Central Sales Tax Amendments

P. C. Joshi

Central Excise and Customs

Vipin Jain

Impact of Rajasthan State Budget

M. L. Patodi

 Treasure Trove


Everybody, Anybody, Somebody, Nobody