AIFTP JOURNAL - December 2010

From the Editor-in-Chief

Dr. K. Shivaram

President’s Message

M. L. Patodi

 March of the Professional

Inaugural Address at NTC held on 13-11-2010 at Bengaluru Justice N. Venkatachala (Retd.)

The changing global economic environment and the new challenges to India Dr. Bobby Srinivasan

 In Pursuit of Knowledge

Direct Taxes


Provisions relating to Charitable/Religious Trusts, Institutions, etc.

M. A. Bakshi

International Taxation in Direct Taxes Code Bill, 2010

S. Rajaratnam

Direct Taxes Code Bill, 2010 - Review and Reactions

S. Rajaratnam

Indirect Taxes


Road Map to Goods and Service Tax

V. B. Prabhu Verlekar

 Treasure Trove

Fear Not; By Changing your thinking


 Heart & Humour

Love him or hate him, he sure hits the nail on the head with this !


 Nut Crackers

Direct Taxes

Questions & Answers

H. N. Motiwalla

Indirect Taxes

Questions & Answers

C. B.Thakar

 Quest – Opinion

Vinayak Patkar


K. V. Ramaswamy, Vijay S. Choksi
& Ms. Saranya V.

 Tax World

Renting Service – Confusion compounded – The ball back into the court of Supreme Court

Rajkamal Shah & Bharat Shemlani