AIFTP JOURNAL - April 2011

From the Editor-in-Chief

Dr. K. Shivaram

President’s Message

M. L. Patodi

 March of the Professional

Service Tax on Legal Services – Advocates, Lawyers & Chartered Accountants by the Finance Bill, 2011

Bharatji Agrawal

 In Pursuit of Knowledge

Direct Taxes


Direct Taxes Code, 2010 [Bill No. 110 of 2010] Submissions/Suggestions.

V. R. Ghelani.

Controversies u/s. 14A of I.T. Act

Keshav B. Bhujle

Indirect Taxes


Curtain Raiser – First step towards GST

P. C. Joshi

VAT – Controversial Issues in Input Tax Credit

Nayan Sheth

Construction and Renting Services under Service Tax

Naresh Thacker

 Treasure Trove


Always keep your dreams alive / Dream my friend dream


 Heart & Humour


Repairing the Engine of your consciousness


 Nut Crackers


Direct Taxes


Questions & Answers

H. N. Motiwalla.

Indirect Taxes


Questions & Answers

C. B. Thakar


K. V. Ramaswamy, Vijay S. Choksi & Ms. Saranya V


Vinayak Patkar

 Tax World


Sales Tax

P. C. Joshi

Post Budget changes in Service Tax